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  How expensive is a MySQL query?

Database access speed is always the bottle neck of many applications. Many application have large amount of data to search, retrieve and display nowadays. How do we improve the performance of our applications, how do we reduce the cost of database access? Apart from the design of database, the quality of the query is also one important factor to take care.  But before that, we need to know how much network traffic a query will consume. Yunyang,Zhang from Nubee in Singapore did some research...


  Data type in MySQL

For both small free database space and large e-commerce websites, reasonable database table structure design is essential. To achieve this, it requires us to have a full understanding of commonly used data types in database system. Below we share some knowledge about data types in MySQL.1. Numeric typesThe numeric types can be classified as : integer, float and decimal type.The so-called "decimal" refers DECIMAL and NUMERIC, they are of the same type. Strictly speaking it is not a numeric type, ...

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  MySQL index optimization

Problem description: We need to access a very big table which has 40 million records. In the table, id is the primary key and program_id is indexed. When executing a select query: select * from program_access_log where program_id between 1 and 4000 The above query executes very slowly, we thought it was because there were too many records in the table. So we added id in the where condition to limit the search so that each time only half a million records would be read. select * fr...


  How MySQL optmizes ORDER BY

In some situations, MySQL will just use an index to fulfill the requirement of an ORDER BY or GROUP BY statement without extra sorting. Although ORDER BY will not have the exact match with index, index can still be used as long as the portion that is not included in the index is included in the where clause. The following queries will all use index to process the ORDER BY or GROUP BY part: SELECT * FROM t1 ORDER BY key_part1,key_part2,... ;SELECT * FROM t1 WHERE key_part1=constant ORDER BY key_p...


  Why should we keep column as NOT NULL instead of NULL in MySQL?

Keep table column as NOT NULL instead of NULL except in some special cases. This statement is cited by many articles of MySQL optimization, but they don't say why we should do this. Here we discuss about this. First why are there many people using NULL when defining table? The reasons may be: NULL the the default when defining table, the rookies or people who don't want to have much troubles will keep this default setting Many people think NOT NULL will require more space Many people don't want...

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  How to optimize MySQL insert statement

For a big data system, one problem is the data access efficiency, one more problem is that the data insertion is very slow. We had a service system, the data loading process would take 4-5 hours. This time consuming operation is risky since if the program is interrupted during the loading process, it might be rerun, this will be troublesome. So it's necessary to improve the insertion efficiency for big data systems. Here we provide two optimization suggestions. 1. Combine multiple insert stateme...


  How does MySQL handle DROP TABLE

A few days ago, when executing DROP TABLE in MySQL, all processes including DDL and DML were hung until DROP TABLE was completed. I am confused about this phenomenon. I have reviewed the source codes of MySQL to check how MySQL internally handle DROP TABLE. When user trigger DROP TABLE command: ########################MySQL SERVER drop table######################## /*  delete (drop) tables. */bool mysql_rm_table( )   /*   Execute the drop of a normal or temporary...

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  10gen provides free training courses for MongoDB

MongoDB is an open source document oriented database, developed with C++, it is to solve some real problems existing among development communities. In October 2007, MongoDB development began at 10gen, in 2009, MongoDB was open sourced as a standalone product. 10gen provides technical support, training and consultancy service. According to 10gen education, 10gen will provide some training courses for MongoDB starting from 22 October, 2012. Now it's available for registration. There are two cours...