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  The story behind Twitter Bootstrap

Bootstrap is a free front end framework used for creating websites and web applications. It contains HTML and CSS-based design templates for typography, forms, buttons, navigation and other interface components, as well as optional JavaScript extensions. It now becomes a very popular front end frameworks for web designers. This framework was developed by Mark Otto and Jacob Thornton at Twitter. Later this framework was open sourced and hosted on GitHub and it now becomes one of the most popular ...

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  Twitter user database is hacked

According to Sina Tech, One hacker from Islamic Republic of Mauritania claimed today that he had acquired Twitter's entire user database and he shared over 15000 user account information on file sharing website Zippyshare.These information include the name of each account on Twitter, username and access tokens of third-party applications which have access to their Twitter accounts(such as Instagram or HootSuite).Twitter has yet to comment on the matter, but the company sent messages urging ...


  Vine video sharing drops significantly

According to Sina Tech, social media analytics site Topsy data shows that Vine's short video sharing has dropped significantly since Facebook's photo sharing service Instagram launched the video sharing feature.Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom announced on Thursday that Instagram supported short video sharing. Vine was once called the Instagram in video sharing world, but now, Instagram has launched its own 15-second short video sharing feature for its 130 million users.Vine, was acquired by T...


  Emotion analysis on Twitter for past 5 years

Emotion analysis is a new research direction in computer science in these years, what it does is expressing emotions and feelings of people with data. The means to do emotion analysis include natural language processing, statistical and signal processing. The platforms which are most suitable for emotion analysis are also microblogging like social networking platform, Twitter is one good example.Computing Laboratory of the University of Vermont project Hedonometer conducted emotion analysis for...


  The video Twitter is coming

 Last October, Vine was acquired by Twitter before it released. Now Twitter launched this app. Vine only supports 6 seconds video recording, when you tap on the screen, the video recording starts, when you finger leaves the screen, the video recording stops. It can contain a few frames in 6 seconds. You can share the video on Twitter and Facebook. Vine seems like a video version of Instagram because it allows user to record video and share it. It has the same features as Instagram such as L...


  The new TV rating standard: Nielsen + Twitter

Recently, the market research company Nielsen and Twitter made an agreement to propose an new TV rating standard based on Twitter chats in the U.S television market in the fall of 2013, The new standard is called "Nielsen Twitter TV Rating", it will be the complement of Nielsen's traditional rating standard.Steve Hasker, president of Nielsen Global media advertising says "'Nielsen Twitter TV Rating" is a milestone in the entire television industry, Now not only television producers but also adve...

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  Twitter is the winner of US election

Yesterday, the final result of the U.S. election was that Obama defeated Romney and he was re-election as President of the United States of America, Later he made a victory speech. While in the Internet world, the real winner is not Obama, but Twitter. Why? Because there was no downtime for Twitter yesterday.On election day, There were a total of 31 million election-related Tweets posted, In peak period, there were 327,452 tweets posted per minute,  the peak record was 874,560, about 15,107...


  The first 30 tweets on Twitter

Six years ago, we didn't know what a tweet was. But now, there are 340 million tweets posted every day. Looking back, do you know what are the earliest tweets on Twitter when it was released? Let's check them out. Before that, let's check Twitter's background first. Six years ago, Twitter was called twttr (similar to Flickr), the earliest version was similar to an SMS broadcast service, i.e sending short message to friends to tell them what I am doing. It was put online on 22nd October, 2006, J...

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