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  2013 Google Code Jam is around the corner

According to Google Code Jam, the registration time of Google Code Jam 2013 will start on 12th March, and the deadline for registration will be 14th April 00:00UTC. This year the champion will get $15,000. Besides the prize and title, the champion will be enrolled in the qualification round in 2014 directly. Since 2003, Google Code Jam attracted many professional and students to solve the hardest algorithm problems in the world. Last year, there were over 35000 programmers participated in this c...

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  10 design principles of Google data center

Google's data center supports the world's largest search engine, smart phone application platform and cloud computing services. The data center is Google's core engine and competitiveness. Over the years, Google also plays the role of the founder and innovator of large-scale web service data center technology. Its data center infrastructure design is also at the forefront of the industry, including renewable energy use, low-power refrigeration, new energy utilization as well as data center room ...


  Google feels the threat from Samsung

In response to Apple's iOS system, Google and Samsung stood on the same side. But with the increase of market share of Samsung Android devices, Google begins to feel the threat from Samsung.On MWC in Barcelona, a group of business executives said Google increasingly worried about Samsung after a private party. Because its equipment has occupied 40% of the Android devices, which could erode the Google advertising service. Google hopes manufacturers such as HTC and HP can challenge Samsung.It is r...


  12 useful Chrome commands

Many useful features of Chrome don't show up on its menus. You can access them through the chrome:// command. In this article we will introduce 12 useful chrome:// commands. 1. chrome://flags It can be used to turn on or turn off some chrome features. 2. chrome://dns This command will show the domain name list caught by the browser. 3. chrome://downloads You can access this through chrome menu as well. The shortcut is Ctrl+J 4. chrome://extensions This command equals to Menu->Tools->Ext...

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  Google will close shopping search service in China

Google vice president of products Sameer Samat posted a news on Google Blackboard, since the service failed to meet the expectations, in order to better optimize resources, Google decided to close the shopping search service in China.In order to better optimize resources, we have decided to close the shopping search service in China. The original intention of the development of this product is to set up a bridge between consumers and retailers and traders. However it did not meet our expectatio...


  Understand how Larry Page leads Google judging by what he says

Larry Page is the head of one of the world's greatest companies : Google. For a long period of time, Page and the other co-founder Sergey Brin managed the company together. In 2001, Eric Schmidt took over the company, became Google's chairman and CEO. Until 2011, Page replaced Schmidt as the company's CEO.Page has undoubtedly played a pivotal role in Google's development. How did he push Google to today's height? Some of his quotations might be able to give the answer to this question. In my op...


  Gmail supports 10 GB attachment after integrating with Google Drive

Google today announced Gmail allows users to send attachment up to 10GB after integrating with Google Drive, the attachment size can be 400 times larger than traditional mail attachment size.Google also added another feature recently, it will pop up a separate window when writing new email. The integration of Gmail with Google Drive will introduce one Google Drive button at the bottom of the popup window, as a solution for sending large attachment.At the same time, because the attachment will b...


  Chrome 23 supports Do Not Track now

Google has upgraded its browser to Chrome 23, released for Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome framework. New features brought by Chrome 23 include GPU video decode acceleration, more convenient site permissions management and start supporting DNT agreement. The most important feature of this version upgrade is the support for "Do Not Track (DNT)". As one of the solutions to address online privacy issues, DNT protocol allows Internet users to control how their privacy information can be tracked, als...

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