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  Google will launch new rendering engine Blink

Google announced new rendering engine Blink derived from the open source WebKit on Chromium project's official blog. This is to speed up the innovation and development process. It will take some time for Chrome to switch from Webkit to Blink.Opera has just switched to WebKit, what will they think about Google's move? Opera's Bruce Lawson said in a blog that Opera browser would use Blink engine and contribute to Blink community.For Google, a powerful rendering engine means that Chrome OS ca...


  Google launches Google Keep

According to Tencent Tech, Google announced the launch of Google Keep on Wednesday This is a note application similar to Evernote, its philosophy is to help you save everything you want to remember, including text and images and other notes, they can be instantly synchronized among different devices so that users can get the information they want at any time. This is a free service, it provides support for Web and Android 4.0 or later devices, users can navigate to or downl...


  Google to build Google Babble to unify all its chat tools

--Note : Image is from If Google Talk / Hangout / Voice / Messenger are put  together, what will you find?They are all chat tools launched by Google, but with careful comparison, you will find that the difference between them is not very big. The useful tools are Google Talk and Google+, but both of them needs to be improve their user experience.According to, Google is planning to launch a chat application Google Babble which will integrate all its chat tools and serv...

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  Google may integrate Chrome OS and Android to build Google OS

A few days ago Google announced Andy Rubin would not in charge of Android anymore and Sundar Pichai would take over Andy Rubin's position. This triggers many guesses on the future direction of the Chrome OS and Android operating system.According to Digitimes, Google is likely to integrate the Chrome OS and Android to build an unified Google OS. But to challenge Windows in the global notebook market, this new system may be in a difficult time in next 1 or 2 years.Google and Acer have indicated b...

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  Google starts to clean up its service again

Google announced on its official blog that they would clean up its service again following the fall of 2011. They will close some features and services to stay focused and make good use of other opportunities.Google Reader and Snapseed are listed in the cleaning list. Google will switch off Google Reader on July 1 this year and end its service which exists in the past eight years, Users can export feeds using Google Takeout. Google said that this product did have loyal customers, but these year...


  2013 Google Code Jam is around the corner

According to Google Code Jam, the registration time of Google Code Jam 2013 will start on 12th March, and the deadline for registration will be 14th April 00:00UTC. This year the champion will get $15,000. Besides the prize and title, the champion will be enrolled in the qualification round in 2014 directly. Since 2003, Google Code Jam attracted many professional and students to solve the hardest algorithm problems in the world. Last year, there were over 35000 programmers participated in this c...

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  10 design principles of Google data center

Google's data center supports the world's largest search engine, smart phone application platform and cloud computing services. The data center is Google's core engine and competitiveness. Over the years, Google also plays the role of the founder and innovator of large-scale web service data center technology. Its data center infrastructure design is also at the forefront of the industry, including renewable energy use, low-power refrigeration, new energy utilization as well as data center room ...


  Google feels the threat from Samsung

In response to Apple's iOS system, Google and Samsung stood on the same side. But with the increase of market share of Samsung Android devices, Google begins to feel the threat from Samsung.On MWC in Barcelona, a group of business executives said Google increasingly worried about Samsung after a private party. Because its equipment has occupied 40% of the Android devices, which could erode the Google advertising service. Google hopes manufacturers such as HTC and HP can challenge Samsung.It is r...

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