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  Google releases Analytics real time API

According to Tech Crunch, Google finally released its Analytics real time API. Although this feature was launched two years ago, there was no convenient way for webmasters to adjust the data so that they can be viewed properly. Now developers can use the API to get what they want and utilize these data to do what they want to. Developers need to apply for using the API now. Once you get access to this API, then you can search your own real time data and utilize these data as you want to. For ex...


  8 powerful Chrome extensions

Chrome is a powerful browser, one reason why it's so powerful is that it has abundant extensions. There are various extensions in Chrome Web Store. They can meet all kinds of needs you have and they are very easy to install as well. Here we share with you 8 powerful extensions on Chrome. All of them can be downloaded from Chrome Web Store Holmes A bookmark search tool, if you have lots of bookmarks and you even don't know where they are. Hplmes can help you find them in real time by matching tit...

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  An ex-Mozilla employee's view about Chrome

Chrome now becomes the most popular web browser on the planet because it provides excellent user experience. As a general user, we think it's fast and easy to use. How about those who develop web browsers? How do they think about Chrome? Abhinav Sharma ,an ex-Mozilla employee and now Facebook employee, shared his opinion about Chrome. Mozilla fights an uphill battle given Google's advertising budget and capacity to have some incredibly good engineers and designers work on Chrome. They also came ...

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  Meet the new Gmail inbox

On 29 May, Google announced the new Gmail inbox. The biggest change is users can categorize their mails. Today the new Gmail inbox is finally available. Now we can put a lot of different types of email: messages from friends, social notifications, deals and offers, confirmations and receipts, and more into different categories. By default, Gmail provides three different tabs : Primary, Social and Promotions at the inbox page. You can know what to read and what are the priority mails as a glance....

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  Is Google still in China?

According to Tencent Tech, data from traffic statistics agency CNZZ shows that Google only ranks fifth in China's search engine market calculating by page views. Its market share is 2.13% in China. and although Baidu is still at the first place, its market share also declined and the its market share is less than 70%. Overall, Google's market share in China drops continuously. At the same time, Baidu also faces competition from other search engines, especially from new entrants Qihoo. Qihoo laun...


  Check out Google Reader substitutes

It's only a few hours left that Google Reader will be shut down Since Google decides to decommission such a good product, many people are disappointed about Google. The gene of Google is completely different from Facebook, The strategy of promoting Google+ everywhere is becoming a bit offensive. As a heavy user of Google Reader, people have to start looking for an alternative, Below we give a comparison of different Google Reader substitutes. And we compare them with following parameters: Lload...


  Chrome extension to display desktop notification

Have you ever thought about writing extension for web browsers so that we can complete some tasks easily. Do you think writing extension for browsers is very difficult? You have no clue where to begin? On Chrome, this isn't any problem now as long as you know how to write HTML,CSS and JavaScript. We will show one example of Chrome extension today. The extension will display a desktop notification on your desktop. You need to create two files here, one is the notification.json which is the config...


  Motorola : A Google company

According to Sina Tech, Motorola Mobility has changed its company logo this week. The new logo comes with new graphic design and new font design. The new logo still has the 'M' badge and "MOTOROLA". However, the color of the 'M' badge changes from the old white to the new gray and the outer ring color also changes from red to multi-color. It is more like the Google logo's color scheme. At the same time, the "MOTOROLA" string on the logo also changes from upper case letters to lower case letters...