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  Crash your Chrome with %%30%30

Have you ever wondered a simple string can crash one of the most sophisticated designed web browsers -- Chrome? There is a finding from Andris Atteka who found that a null string "%%30%30" appended to an URL can crash Chrome. For example, if you have below URL in your browser address bar or you mouse over below URL, Chrome will crash: When the browser crashed, it may show : Or on Windows, you will see : This bug has been reported to Google at Is...


  The new Google Search By Voice

Along with the new announcement of the new Google logo, there is a new change to the Google search -- The Google Search By Voice. When you use Google in a browser, you will see below color mic icon now:   With this, you can search by speaking in front of your computer,  OK, Google will listens to what you are saying and do the search for you.  As described by Google, this change: A colorful Google mic help you identify and interact with Google whether you’re talking, tap...


  Alphabet chooses the domain extension .xyz

Google has been restructured and it now has a parent company which is called Alphabet. This new company will fully own the original "Google". Larry Page will be the CEO of Alphabet and Sergey Brin will be the president of the new company. Sundar Pichai will be the new CEO of the new Google. The new Google will continue its current business with some slimmed changes. While Alphabet will focus on working on the next generation of Internet and creating more billion user companies and services...


  YouTube video player control bar becomes transparent

YouTube has made an update on its video player control bar and made it general available to the public now. The update is to make the video player control bar transparent and float on top of the videos being played. There are no functional changes about this control bar.  The original control bar is black but not transparent. After the update, the control bar looks like: YouTube started to test this new change back in April 2015. At that time, it was tested in a small scale and only a sma...


  Disable foreign language translation in Chrome

When browsing a non-English language(Chinese for example) website when using Chrome, it will offer to translate the page to English every time the page is loaded. To disable the translation for all non-English websites all at once, there is a setting in Chrome you can set. Below are the steps for doing this: 1. Go to Settings and scroll down to bottom 2. Click the Show advanced settings... link and the advanced settings will be expanded 3. Find the section Languages and uncheck the option "Offer...


  Many Chinese applicants to US universities may be affected by Gmail cut out

Just after Christmas, many Chinese found that they could not connect to Gmail anymore in mainland China. Since Google announced leaving from China in 2010, the web version of Gmail was not accessible anymore. But people from China could still access Gmail through some Gmap apps. This time, Gmail is not accessible even with these apps. It is said that all the mail service protocols of Gmail including IMAP/POP/SMTP have been cut out by Chinese government. This means no mails can be sent to or rece...

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  The 9 lines of code of Google

Are you still remembering the then hot debated news about Oracle suing Google allegedly copying a small portion of codes from Oracle's Java in 2010. At that time, Oracle experts estimated that Google owes Oracle between $1.4 billion and $6 billion in damages if liable. But the court thought Oracle was eligible only for statutory damages for that copying, which were not expected to exceed a few hundred thousand dollars. At last, Oracle agreed the zero damage result. Are you curious about whi...

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  C++ and Java over Python in Google products

In Google, most of the products are written in C++ and Java. They usually don't choose Python to write their product stack. What's behind the decision to choose one language over the other in Google? Let's get to read some opinions from Robert Love, a Google software engineer. Love said he couldn't imagine writing let alone maintaining a large software stack in Python. They use C++, Go, and Java for production software systems, with Python employed for scripting, testing, and tooling.There are a...

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