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  Some tips for writing proper emails

Email is now becoming one necessity of working. We may receive hundreds of emails everyday, they may from our colleagues, friends or clients. We need to exchange ideas, arrange meetings , asking for help etc though email in our work. A proper email can help us achieve what we want to achieve. Here we share some tips for writing a proper email.At the beginning of an email : Thank the reader is a good way to start the email, thank the reader may make the reader feel happy, especially when you ask ...

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  How to praise yourself in resume

When finding a job, we first need to send our CV and resume to the employer. Among many candidates, how do we make our resume prominent and noticed by the employer. We need some impressive information. We can praise ourselves in the resume so that the employer can have a good impression on me. Here we summarized a list about how to praise ourselves in our resume.Mature, dynamic and honest.Excellent, ability of systematical management.Ability to work independently, mature and resourceful.A person...


  6 time management tips for startups

Many people are fighting for their startups, they are willing to put all their time in company operations. This 24x7 passion is necessary for startup founders. For the team in startups, the most important thing is time management, time management is a top challenge for everyentrepreneur. After years of experience working with entrepreneurs and business owners, Rieva Lesonsky has  learned a few tricks for getting more done in the 24 hours we all have. Here are 6 tips what he shared...


  How do Silicon Valley companies recruit

There are a lot of friends asking me about the basic flow of how Silicon Valley companies recruit engineers. As a candidate, I tried Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Oracle, and I received offer from all these companies. As an interviewer, I have interviewed no less than 300 people and I know about the process of recruitment. I write this article with the hope of inspiring people who want to go to Silicon Valley or who are preparing for interviews or who are in the design of the recruiting process...


  How to help new joiners involve in projects

Usually when a new joiner involves in a new project, he will spend much time on understanding the background of the project, the current status of the project and the requirements of the project etc. It is very easy for them to get lost in this stage. So to effectively help them involve in the project, we need have some people guiding them, giving them some useful instructions. What should we do to help them? Here are some steps I take.1. Project backgroundIn this phase, I will introduce to them...

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  Learning Is More Important Than Knowing

Although DuckDuckGo's success is based more on ideology than technology, you'd have to be a pretty arrogant technologist to not appreciate and be impressed with what this small team (for a long time, 1 person) has accomplished. And while DuckDuckGo teaches us a number of valuable lessons (about business, and privacy), to me, the most important, is that good programmers should be measured by what they can learn, not what they already know. Gabriel Weinberg, DuckDuckGo's creator, has been wo...


  Work is not challenging is just an excuse in interview?

Usually when an interviewer asks the interviewee why he/she wants to change his/her job, one answer may be "My current job is not challenging, I want a more challenging job.". The interviewer may tend to think that there are always challenges everywhere and why the interviewee indulges himself/herself without putting much effort on his/her work.   Here I want to say something to our interviewers. Work challenging is not equal to personal indulgence. The work is challenging which is an...


  How often to change a job?

Those people who choose to change jobs once a year or a few times a year, please keep in mind that if you do not have your own business plans or your own start-up ideas. The choice you have now may be fatal to your future career development.After talking with many development managers, architects, product managers, and other friends, I find the greatest feeling of them is that the vast majority of IT people do not know what they do.From the interviewer's point of view, if you don't know wha...

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