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  Marissa Mayer has something to say about work from home

A few months ago Yahoo started to prohibit employees working from home. This controversial decision attracts many arguments about work from home. Previously we published one article Silicon Valley engineers have something to say about work from home. Now the key person behind this prohibition expresses her opinion about this. Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer responded to the policy of prohibiting working from home the first time on Thursday. She said that when people were working together they could be m...


  Where do software engineers get highest pay?

According to Tencent Tech, Tech companies are generous to engineers is not a secret because there is a lack of excellent engineers. These companies are willing to pay high salary and provide attractive welfare to attract these talented people. Recently, a list of companies which pay highest average salary to software engineers is published. The interesting thing is Apple, Google or Facebook is not the company which pays highest. Then which one? The answer is Juniper. The average salary in Junipe...


  How does Class box get 1 million users with only 4 people?

"Class box" is an app which helps students create course plan developed by 4 Chinese. This app was created in 2012. They get over 1 million users with only 4 people. How do they make this? The co-founder of "Class box" Tianfang Li explains this on Zhihu. Here is what he said: About millions of users, in the mobile Internet era what we need to do is just find a good entry point, rapid iteration and with a little luck, a small team or even an independent developer can make millions user level prod...


  Big Corporate Layoffs Hit Shenzhen IT Manufacturing Business

At 11:00 on March 29, 3 employees were ready to jump from Shenzhen Foxconn's longhua building G14. According to witnesses, those 3 employees were negotiating with company regarding the “Foxconn diversion plan”. Liu Kun, Foxconn public speaker, told reporters that many employees are working negatively to resist this plan, but Foxconn does not agree or support their actions in this way. " Company like Foxconn with large-scale labor-intensive manufacturing enterprises in Shenzhen, is f...

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  Learn how to tell a story before building your own start-ups

Imagine one day you become a successful start-up founder like Mark Zuckerberg, then somebody will come and find you and want to shoot a movie for you with your start-up story. If you are not successful yet, then this story should be written by yourself. For start-up founders, learn how to tell a story will not only promote yourself among investors, users and medias but also can create a macro development plan for your start-ups by explaining various unexpected things will happen. Pixar storyboa...

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  How to fire an employee who is not good enough?

It's always a tough decision to make to fire an employee. No matter he/she performs how bad, it's hard for the boss to say one person is fired. How to fire an employee who is not good enough? On Quora, there is one such question asked and we think one answer is very attractive and useful. The answer is given by Michael O. Church who is a New York functional programmer. The best employees are multipliers who make others more productive, and next are the adders (workhorses). Subtracters are the g...

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  How to ask questions as an interviewee

Many people think that interview is a single side selection, in fact, interview is a two sides selection process. Not only the company selects you, but also you select the company. Interview provides a chance for both the company and you to know about each other. While the company is assessing you, you should also assess the company. The interviewers also know this, so they have the mental preparation and look forward to your questions and they are prepared to answer your questions. So do not w...


  Marissa Mayer brings 2nd Googler to Yahoo

A week ago, Anne Espiritu who was responsible for Google's public relations before leaving Google joined Yahoo, she became the first Googler Mayer brought to Yahoo. According to CNBC's Jon Fortt on Twitter, Google's former project manager Patricia Moll Kriese also left Google, formally joined Yahoo! as Senior Director of Yahoo's corporate projects.Although this news has not been confirmed by both companies, Patricia Moll Kriese's personal page on LinkedIn revealed that she left Google in August,...