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  What is pjax and why we should use it?

What is pjax? Now many websites such as Facebook, Twitter support one browsing style which is when you click one link on their sites, the page will not be redirected, instead only the page contents are updated and URL on address bar is changed. This kind of user experience is much better compared to load the whole page with a blink. There is one important component in the above browsing experience, these websites' AJAX refresh support browser history, when refreshing the page, the address on the...

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  Find max subarray of an array

In computer science, the maximum subarray problem is the task of finding the contiguous subarray within a one-dimensional array of numbers (containing at least one positive number) which has the largest sum. For example, for the sequence of values −2, 1, −3, 4, −1, 2, 1, −5, 4; the contiguous subarray with the largest sum is 4, −1, 2, 1, with sum 6. The problem was first posed by Ulf Grenander of Brown University in 1977,...


  jQuery 2.0 gives up IE 6/7/8

jQuery 2.0 is released after 10 months development. jQuery 2.0 is customized for modern web browsers and also considers about mobile devices. But one big change is that jQuery 2.0 will not be  compatible with old versions of IE and its size is 10% less than the version 1.9.1. The execution efficiency is higher as well. jQuery 1.9.x will still be maintained by jQuery team, they will also provide update for it. Those websites which want to be compatible with all browsers should not upgrade to...

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  Understand this in JavaScript

In JavaScript, this is always pointing to the owner of a function or a method. Function Let's check out function first. function introduce() {      alert("Hello, I am Laruence\r\n"); } For this function, what does this point to? In JavaScript, a global function's owner is the current page, i.e, the window object. Because its a method of the window object if we define a global function. Now you should know the this will point to the window object in the above function. ...


  JavaScript efficiency catch up

JavaScript is a very flexible language, we can write JavaScript code freely with various styles, different kinds of codes will have different execution efficiency. Here we summarize some tips we get from our development. Efficiency of JavaScript itself JavaScript has execution context chain, closures, prototype inheritance, eval etc. It brings us some magic features, but it also introduces the performance issue, if we don't use them properly, it will affect the codes execution efficiency. 1. Glo...


  One thought about JavaScript exception handle

Due to network, browser and cache issues, the JS executed in production may produce different results from the testing environments. Sometimes they may produce exceptions. Front-end developers may encounter this kind of exceptions frequently. But how to log and use them is seldomly considered by them. Actually, exception handling includes two steps : log and use. 1. Log Regarding to log error, this is relatively convenient, since in each browser, there is one interface called window.onerror. win...


  noConflict mechanism in jQuery

Many JavaScript frameworks like to use $ as function or variable name, jQuery is one of them. In jQuery, $ is just a reference to window.jQuery, so even if $ is deleted, window.jQuery will still be available to ensure the whole library can work normally. jQuery API design takes fully consideration of multiple frameworks conflicts, we can use jQuery.noConflict function to easily handle control. jQuery.noConflict accepts one optional boolean parameter[1] to determine whether to hand jQuery object ...

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  JavaScript cross domain request solution

1. What is cross domain? We may often using AJAX to request data from other domain, now we will have cross domain request issues. It's because JavaScript only allows to request data from the same domain because of security consideration. In short, same domain strategy means a piece of code can read data from the same source, the same source here means the combination of the same domain, protocol and port number. For example: URLDescriptionAllow communication? http:/...