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  CSS and HTML5 responsive images

With the popularity of Retina screen, the requirement of the images in the webpages is higher. How to make sure the image still clear while enlarging twice on retina screen? This brings much trouble to web developers, the good news is CSS3 and HTML5 is trying to change this, we can use response image. What is responsive image? It means user agent loads different images according to different resolutions of output devices, it will not waste bandwidth as well. In addition, it can load respective ...


  Beauty of front end--List of front end tools used by GitHub

I did this summarization when I added Lirate_CoffeeScript support for GitHub-Linguist, i.e how does GitHub do Marjdown render and code highlight in its front end. Lots of font end tools used by GitHub are open sourced. They are: 1. HTML/CSS/JavaScript 1.1 HTML template GitHub markup and template styleguide : 1.2 Style and CSS GitHub uses replacement of CSS: SCSS: KSS: GitHub CSS styleguide : http...

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  Turn browser into notepad with one line of code

This is the code shared by Jose on codewall. When you type data:text/html,   into the address bar of the browser and press enter, the browser will turn into a notepad which you can edit. Why it works? This uses Data URI’s format and it tells the browser to render HTML. But contenteditable is a property of HTML5, so this can only work in the web browser which supports this property. Here are some interesting contents. Some people make some changes to the code encouraged by the ide...

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  Let 's write some front end codes

I've seen a lot of arguments that there is no much technical value writing web portal, I think that the vast majority of good programmers will try many different things. The low level development and machine learning are not the only technologies which are  full of wisdom and challenges, I wrote web site for a few years, it is difficult to say that this is my initial interest, although I touched on other technologies as well, I still feel building website is challenging. Front end developme...


  User experience distance

Good user experience can narrow the gap between product and users, it can also improve the user efficiency and increase satisfaction and comfort of users. Here we talk about user experience distance with different examples: 1. Floating bubble layer When users need to delete one picture,they click on the "Delete" button, then the floating bubble layer appears to prompt the user to confirm the deletion, users only need to focus on the picture which reduces the visual burden, and also no need to mo...


  Some laws of interactive design

The well known quote from Alan Cooper is   Conforming to the standard unless there is a better choice. There are some best practices in interaction design. How many do you know? 1. Fitts' Law The time from one start point to target point is determined by two parameters: The distance to the target and the size of the target. )D and W in above picture), the formula is : T=a+blog2(D/W+1). It was first proposed by Paul Fitts, it is mathematical model used to predict the time from any poin...

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  Landing page optimization : Less is more

There is a question on Quora : Why doesn't Quora show interesting questions/answers on their landing page? Why is it this? not this? Quora's product manage gives his answer to this question, it's agreed by many users in this community. Here is his answer: The logged out homepage is pretty sparse now mostly because it hasn't been given much treatment since the initial product launch. But we have plans on redesigning it and testing different variations (some with less info on the page, some with...


  Top 8 website operation laws

As a website operator, in addition to have some necessary professional knowledge to master a website, such as prototype planning, interaction design, SEO, as well as basic html code, you should also know more about some of the theories which are good for site operations to ensure that the site can be long-term, stable. 1. Law of 250 Girard thinks every person knows at least 250 people. If you win the goodwill of a customer, it means you win the goodwill of 250 individuals; Conversely, if you off...