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  Different types of font icons

A website with just text belongs to the pre Web 2.0 era. A modern site will have different icons appearing on different places on the site. This will give the visitor a better visual feeling. But to have a set of consistent and well crafted icons is not an easy task. It may even require a dedicated icon designer to design them. Fortunately, we now can use font icons provided by many people around the web. Today we will introduce some of them. Font Awesome Font Awesome is an open source font ico...


  Best Tips for a brilliant responsive design

Portability of mobile devices have made it easier for the users to access internet. Consequently , this has increased a lot of of mobile traffic and has given birth to new terms such a mCommerce. Now the point is that as we know that technology is ephemeral , will we keep on investing time and money every time a new gadget is launched? Indeed yes, because this is what market demands!  But what if I say a that there is a technology which is independent of the size of the devices or a technol...

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  Productivity tips for freelance web designers

There are lots of great things about freelance, such as not being tied to a desk, flexible working hours and little, if any, supervision. All freelance web designers probably realize that one of the biggest challenges of their job is the issue of productivity. How to motivate yourself and stay productive every day with no external supervisors telling us to complete a task right now? Here are five practical productivity hacks for all freelance web designers who want to boost their performance. 1....


  How to Impact the User Experience by Adding Surprising Details to Your Website?

Internet is improving day by day and the competition is also increasing for every businessman. Having an online presence is a necessity but just online presence won’t work you have to do something extra to grab your potential customers. Websites that are successful online are basically because of three reasons (1) Web technologies are evolving constantly and are allowing for more unique and advanced designs. (2) Technologies have become more accessible than they were earlier, and are empow...

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  Statistics on StackExchange

StackExchange is the most popular and professional IT Q&A site, Under StackExchange, there is StackOverflow and other sub sites. Many of us may wonder how this mega site is maintained and what its performance is. A performance page has been released by StackExchange recently. Below is some statistic about this mega site. 560 million page views per month, i.e around 1.9 million PVs per day. For such as big site, it has only 9 web servers and 4 SQL servers(while two of them are in backup mode...


  Why my Website Contact form is not converting enough traffic?

Contact forms are a very common part of any website and anybody can overlook them. Generally people try to choose it as their first solution but they do not realize that they are actually hurting the growth of their business. WordPress currently power more than 66 million websites but it would be good if your website is existing because of one of the most popular Content Management Systems of the world. Everyone starting from blogger to the person sitting next door use this tool for making their...


  How to choose effective colors to improve your website traffic

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that looks don’t matter and it’s what’s inside that counts. Would you be eager to open a present that does not seem too promising on the outside, even when knowing what it hides may pleasantly surprise you? Right – it’s about the whole package. It may be the content on the site that creates value and makes a visitor stop for longer, but the background that accompanies it definitely plays a major role, too. Now that you’re a...

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  Email Modular Design – An Overview

Email is one of the most prevalent forms of business communication. Businesses all over the world send hundreds of email every day to communicate with their customers in a personalized, intimate way, providing useful information, special offers, records of business transactions, official news or messages and much more. Right from one or two-man projects to large Fortune 500 companies, every business entity uses emails on a daily basis to stay in touch with their base of customers. As a company g...

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